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These are sites I have written for or I follow. I have organised them into categories as best as I can. If we have worked together in any way via guest articles or collaborations send me a message to request to be put on here. You can send your requests to

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Health and lifestyle

An a image composed of a small grid of coloured squares  making up half of a blue edged rectangle. Text underneath reads 'Health square'

E Healthsquare, comprehensive health care resource

The head and shoulders of a woman with blue hair and a headband, with cats to either side of her. The wording over the image reads 'Nyxie's Nook, Mental Health, Wellness and recovery'

Nyxies Nook, blog centred on mental health and eating disorder

The letter C made to look like half a face with the letters T and W forming a nose and mouth

The C word mag, raw unfiltered look at women’s issues and mental health

Actually Autistic blog list for anybody who wants to read more about neuro diversity

Parenting and pets

Yellow circle, with a pink scribble effect and a blue teacup. Writing reads 'The Dempsey diaries'

The Dempsey Diaries, parenting with a sense of humour

Image of a malamute dog, image is in a paint effect in oranges, blues and yellows. Caption reads 'Murphy of Murphy's Doggy Deli. Photo edit work by The Beanie Bard'
Murphy of Murphy’s Doggy Deli. Photo edit work by The Beanie Bard
The words 'Murphy's Doggy deli' an a brown paw print

Murphy’s Doggy Deli. Raw dog food supplier in Swindon and surrounding areas

A poster on a brick wall with a black and white dog on it, to the side of the dog the poster is prage with yellow and pink scribble effect and reads 'Iggy Says'

Iggy Says, pawsome (sorry!) resource for all things canine

Photography, writing and art

Black circle with the image of a woman inside, viewed from the back and looking over her shoulder. Writing around the edge reads 'The Gloucestershire Poetry society, poetry without pretension'

An all-inclusive Poetry Society with a worldwide following

A background that appears like dark storm clouds, in the front a Jackdaw is pictured mid landing on a stump of wood

Socially responsible arts magazine championing environmental and social good