Looking for a photographer? This page showcases various photography projects as well as giving an idea of the scope of my work as examples or for collaborations

A mural of brightly coloured graffiti
Hidden Britain

A personal project I began in 2019 about the hidden side of every day life. We are all so focussed on the world straight in front that our tunnel vision causes us to lose sight of the wonders in the every day. This will fuse more modern phenomena like the proliferation of graffiti as an art form with things long broken down and forgotten.

A silhouette of a person carrying a bag passing through a tunnel into a bright exit
People and places

A wide sampling of the people and places I encounter on my travels with an aim to show where we are all alike and where we differ.

A telephoto zoom camera lens showing the electronic contacts
Working Parts

Man made wonders from big to small.

An image of an egg balanced on two forks against a black background
Art And Conceptual

Art and beauty is in the eyes and mind of those who look at it. Is photography art or science and what story is a photograph telling. Some traditionally aesthetic photos and some that may have some quirks. Some of these prints will end up in the shop as prints to be sold, others are just to make you think.

An image of a ladybird walking along a green stem with purple flowers
Macro Images

There is a whole world under our noses. Some people might find it beautiful. Some ugly. But it is always fascinating

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