Image of a camera. Inside lens is image of a person with glasses in a grey beanie and black tshirt speaking into a microphone


I’m Annalisa Jackson and I own and run The Beanie Bard – Words and Photos Inspired By Life. If you have made it here I assume you are looking for a brief idea of what I am all about.

I am a very eclectic artist. I’m a writer of both fiction and non fiction. I write for children and adults, both fiction and non fiction, and I am a photographer, page poet and performance poet. I’m also a published author. I have a medical background as an Emergency Nurse, a career I loved but was unable to continue due to some health issues that clashed with the sheer physicality of the role. However, I have written and created since I was a small child, so once my nursing career ended I decided it was time to follow my passions (I tend not to say dreams as it is cliche plus my dreams are very bizarre and probably wouldn’t serve me well as a career). So here I am.

I perform poetry under the pen name of The Beanie Bard owing to my habit of performing in a hat to combat anxiety, and once I began to set up my business I wanted a name that would stand out and so chose The Beanie Bard . I run both writing and photography services alongside each other, so you can either use The Beanie Bard if you need my words, or Beanie Bard Photography if you need my images. Either way it’s me who will turn up and will offer you my services cutting down on the need to source multiple people to showcase your product.

My writing style has been described as slightly unusually formatted, making it interesting to read, and humorous, though I am perfectly capable of gravity where the situation demands it. I write in an engaging and descriptive manner to take the reader with me and show them what I am writing about in a visual way. My nursing background means I am great at interacting with people and building a relationship in a quick, easy and simple manner. I am also able to research my work to provide accurate sources and references.

I hope the images featured on here will show I have a natural eye for a picture and enjoy taking photos from unusual angles and with dramatic tones and texture. I am currently continuing to study photography and editing techniques because I always strive to improve myself and my work.

If you like the sound of who I am and what I do please feel free to explore the rest of the site. I have set the menus out to show you the work I offer primarily in the form of writing and photography followed by some examples of my creative works.


Images of a person with purple and blue mohawk, wearing sunglasses and a blue shirt smiling into the camera