TBB Writes: New-born Photography

Babies feet lying on a blue and fluffy cushion

COVID has hit photography businesses hard. Very little is being booked in the way of shoots and a lot of parents have new-born children and feel like they are missing out on being able to document these most special moments before they are gone forever. And whilst nothing will be completely the same as those dreamy new-born photos a skilled professional can take for you there are options if you are unable to book, or unable to afford these services, in order that you don’t miss out. I was asked by Emma of Little Pickle Memories to write two blogs to help out these parents. So today’s blog is about capturing your precious new-born in their earliest days and covers the basics of positioning and using your phone or camera for the best effect, as well as simple props and set ups you can use to achieve the look you want. Little Pickle Memories is a company set up to provide baby memory items such as milestone cards and baby books, it caters for all types of families and not only the traditional family set ups found in a lot of high street and online shops. You can visit it at the link above. The link below will take you to the blog. You can also use the forms below to subscribe to this site to receive email alerts of new blog posts as well as the occasional news letter. You can also send feedback on the second form below and use the star rating system to leave me a star rating to help me improve the site and my writing.

Photography tips for New-Borns


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