TBB Writes: New interview published

A background of a blurred camera. In front a lady in a black tshirt, glasses and a grey beanie is speaking into a microphone

I haven’t added any content for a week owing to the COVID 19 jab making me feel quite rough. I’m all fixed again now, just need my vitamin B12 and I’m ready to don my cape and wear my underpants over my trousers once more.

It’s not been totally quiet on the western front and some cogs have been grinding silently in the background as I have some new content in the pipeline both for the TBB Writes section as well as the Be My Guest section. More on that later.

But today I’m really honoured to say I’ve been interviewed for another website, this time on the subject of spoken word, for a website called Passion Piece. Just click the photo below for a link to the site if you want to read more. Until then I remain


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Image of a blurred camera, to the side of the lens is a poerson in a beanie hat and tshirt with 'Poet By Day, Superhero By Night' written on it, holding a phone and speaking into a microphone

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