TBB Writes: How to help somebody who self harms

A hand against a black background with a bandaid on the palm

I am really pleased to share another article in the TBB Writes section where I provide guest articles for other sites. Today I am posting to say that a new guest article has gone up courtesy of The C Word mag, a magazine that speaks frankly and openly about women as well as lifestyle issues. I am looking forward to hopefully collaborating with them more in the future. It’s been a busy but brilliant week as I have been interviewed twice for other sites as well as having some guest articles planned to be uploaded on this site from other contributors. There are also a couple of new projects being planned which I am hoping to unveil in the next couple of months.

The article I am posting today discusses self harm. In part one of a two part article I covered why self harm is a hidden pandemic, its facts and figures as well as busting myths around the subject. That blog also covered my own story and is available on the same site. Today’s blog discusses the best ways you can help somebody who self harms and you can find it here.


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