TBB Writes: Live guest articles. And a teaser

My blog on Ehealthsquare has now gone live. This means I now have three guest blogs on other sites. I’m really excited about this, as it means I am getting my work out into cyberspace where other people can read them, something I desperately want – I am sharing my passions for bringing mental health and neurodiversity into a place where they are seen, and hopefully give a better understanding of them. I believe in being an advocate of normalising mental illness and neurodiverse conditions, such as autism or ADHD. It makes me feel like I am making a difference to the world in my own small way. I hope you enjoy the articles I write and will continue to follow them. I’ve included the links to the first three ‘TBB Writes’ articles below, as well as a place to give me a star rating and some feedback. You can also subscribe to the site if you want updates by emails when new blogs are published, or the occasional newsletter. I have a no spam guarantee.

My birthday present arrived early yesterday. I am super psyched about this as it means I can forge ahead with a new project I am organising. Can your eyes and earballs peeled.


TBB Writes: Article on Autism for EHealthsquare

TBB Writes: Guest blog for The Dempsey Diaries.

TBB Writes: Guest article on The Mental Health Portfolio for Just Average Jen

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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