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The message we all need to hear sometimes

This blog comes from Bethany, Parent Blogger at who describes herself as a mother blogger, podcaster and biscuit eater. In her blog below she leaves us the important message that It’s OK To Not Be OK

It’s OK To Not Be Ok

Most of my blog posts are mainly funny little laughs about my day with a baby, or laughing at the not-so-funny poonami explosions in Costa, or having a squealing baby nonstop until Gingy walks in. And we can all laugh because we can all relate. But when its a reality every single day, on lack of sleep It’s totally OK to NOT be OK.

It’s OK if sometimes you want your old life back. You’re not resenting, or regretting, your little angel (or devil with an angel’s face), but sometimes it’s nice to look back on what was. Like those holiday pics where your boobs are on your chest, not sitting on your belly. And your belly button isn’t all crinkly.

It’s OK to admit that sometimes you spend half your day crying along with your teething baby, because the bonjela, calpol, rocking, sing – songs, and paw patrol just aren’t working.

And, although frowned upon, I totally understand calling your baby an asshole* under your breath when they won’t stop that weird whinge. They’re fed, played with and changed… “Why are you whinging?!”

Never feel bad about taking an hour off, having a babysitter just so you can just be you, having a date night just so you can be boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife, without being mummy and daddy.

Sometimes you feel anxious going to baby groups because you are having ‘what if this happens’ scenarios, what if you see someone you don’t want to see, and there’s you in your sleep-deprived unbrushed-hair state. ‘What if.. What if.. What if’. (We all do it)

But you know what, it’s TOTALLY fuckin’ normal to not to feel over the moon, no matter how your baby came, whether ‘Virgin Mary’, IVF, adopted, a ‘whoopsie’ baby, or even if you dreamed of this little bundle for years on end. Don’t worry about the days where you want your old life back, your old body, your full nights sleep. Because sometimes it’s OK not to be ok. Babies are a huge change. Change in relationships, change in finances, change in household dynamics, change in going out without mobilising an army (the list goes on….)

If you’re having a ‘not OK’ day, pop yourself some makeup on (or relax and don’t), brush your hair, grab yourself a drink (your choice of alcohol), and just think… “it’s alright”.

It’s just a bad day. And the second your baby smiles at you – I guarantee that bad day will be over.

Big Loves

Beth xoxox

TBB editor’s note: I’ve been known to flick the V’s while their back is turned. It’s childish but makes me feel soooo much better

Thanks Beth. I definitely have those days still, even though mine are pre teens, and occasionally the second their dad walks in I hand over responsibility. Don’t forget you can follow Beth’s words at or follow along at the social media below


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