TBB Writes: The Mental Health Portfolio

TBB Writes: Mental Health Portfolio

It’s been a tough week here and I have needed to take care of my mental health. Lockdown is affecting everybody. My kids are climbing the walls – even the one who doesn’t usually want to leave the house is asking to go and walk the dog with me. And the dog is bored and keeps moping and hoping for food. Like the packet of wraps stolen off the kitchen side today. Meanwhile I’m stressed out of my gourd. I’ve got two kids on two laptops, one in her bedroom and one in my office space doing home learning. The one in my office also happens to have my laptop, so today I ordered a blue tooth keyboard so that working from my tablet is less painful. Neither that or my phone are really suited for writing. Which isn’t great, speaking as a writer…

So as well as the two home schooling rugrats I’m trying to start a business that I started to learn as a second career. I’m trying to learn about things like SEO and do-follow links (if it’s alien to you it’s probably easier to leave it that way), having spent most of my adult life jumping up and down on people’s chest and dispensing drugs – it’s OK by the way, I was a nurse not a hooker. Which, as I am led to understand it means less pay and a registration fee, though exposure to body fluids is possibly of a similar amount. All of this is whilst trying to keep four humans, a dog, two cats and a hamster alive, and occasionally get to the dusting. I’ve had a headache more or less continuously since November.

So today twas nice to get an email, saying my first guest posting spot since I launched last March has been published. Appropriately enough, it’s an extended version of the Mental Health Portfolio and appears on the health, slimming, and lifestyle blog: Just Average Jen. You can read the blog below by clicking on the blue link. You may find some other great stuff to read while you are there, as I highly reccomend the blog, particularly if you follow the Slimming World plan.

What is the mental health portfolio and how can it help you?

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Or hedgehogs. Or refrigerators. I’m easy


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