Sensory Regulation: Sensory Play, Part Two

Welcome to part two of the three part series on sensory regulation. In the last blog I discussed the body senses, how they can become overloaded, and what this can look like. In this vlog my daughter has come to help out and its a fairly light hearted video but should hopefully provide some good information. We will talk about sensory play and how it can help regulate your little one, especially if done on a regular basis, some of the things we use and how you can participate in sensory regulation on a limited budget. Lastly I will teach you how not to make a bowl of Gellibaff! In part three I will show you a sensory toolkit and some sensory soothing techniques. Please let me know what you think or hit me with any other ideas you know of for sensory regulation. If you enjoy the blog please consider sharing it and subscribing to be notified of when other blogs are released


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