The Virgin Post

There’s always got to be a first word in any poem or line in any page, of any chapter and of any book. So it’s worth making it a good one. So that’s why it is ten minutes past midnight and I am sat here with less than no clue of exactly where to begin.

For anybody new to the site I am Annalisa. I’m 36 and 41 months at last count. I will leave the maths in your hands. I I’m also taking my future into my hands by starting this site to put out in public the words I write and the pictures I take. I am hoping in the coming months this site will come to act as a personal portfolio of my work and of interest to those who read or view it. I started performance poetry in April and wore my favourite beanie to combat long standing anxiety for my 1st reading. It went so well I felt it would be a bad idea to ditch the beanie! I had to write a bio for a charity poetry night in June so I used the phrase The Beanie Bard as part of that and decided I quite liked the sound of it so I’ve kept it on as I built this site.

It has been a whirlwind 8 months since I left my nursing career now and I am knuckling down to this, my new path starting with this first post. As my blogger tagline always reads: “Come and journey with me a while. I’ve brought popcorn, pepper spray and bubbles – should be a fun day out”.

I hope you will

The Beanie Bard


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